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Leadership (bibliographie : 2008)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2008 sur le thème du leadership A : Leadership 2008 Scott. J. Allen, Marcy. L. Shankman, 2008, "Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College Students", San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass D. L. Anderson, M. C. Anderson, W. D. Mayo, 2008, "Team coaching helps a leadership team drive cultural change at Caterpillar", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 27(4), pp40-50 Michael Antioco, Adam Lindgreen, Roger Palmer, Martin Wetzels, 2008, "Do different marketing practices require different leadership styles? An exploratory study", Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol 24, n°1, pp14-26 Steven H. Appelbaum, Jonathan Berke, Joe Taylor, Jose Alberto Vazquez, “The Role of Leadership during Large Scale Organizational Transitions: Lessons from Six Empirical Studies”, The Journal of American Academy of

Leadership serviteur (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership serviteur Les différentes références liées au leadership serviteur ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution. Bibliographie sur le leadership serviteur de 1947 à 1989 1947, Franklin C. Hemphill, "Principals Are Not Leaders, but Servants", The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, Vol 21, n°7, March, pp414-415 1970, Robert K. Greenleaf, “The servant as leader”, In: G. John, dir., "Business leadership", San Francisco: Jossey Bass, pp117-136 Repris en 2002, In: L. C. Spears, dir., "Robert K. Greenleaf, Servant leadership: A journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness", Mahwah NJ: Paulist Press, pp21-61 1972, Robert K. Greenleaf, "The institution as servant" Repris en 2002, In: L. C. Spears, dir.,

Leadership éthique (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership éthique Les différentes références liées au leadership éthique ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution. Bibliographie sur le leadership éthique de 1985 à 1989 1985 : Leadership éthique Jim Gumaer & Larry Scott, 1985, "Training group leaders in ethical decision making",  The Journal for Specialists in Group Work, Vol 10, n°4, November, pp198-204 1986 : Leadership éthique Jim Gumaer, Larry Scott, 1986, "Group workers’ perceptions of ethical and unethical behavior of group leaders",  The Journal for Specialists in Group Work, Vol 11, n°3, September, pp139-150 Paul de Vries, 1986, "Godel, Gadamer, and Ethical Business Leadership", Business & Professional Ethics Journal, Vol 5, n°3/4, Selected Papers from the 1985 Meeting of the Society

Leadership (bibliographie : 2000)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2000 sur le thème du leadership L. D. Ackerman, "Identity is Destiny: Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation", Berrett-Koehler K. Allen et C. Cherrey, "Systemic Leadership: Enriching the Meaning of Our Work", Lanham, MD: University Press of America J. A. Andersen, "‘Leadership and Leadership Research’", In: D.F. Dahiya, dir., "Current Issues in Business Disciplines", Vol. 5: Management II, Spellbound Publications, New Delhi, pp2267–2287 J. L. Badaracco, "Leading quietly: An unorthodox guide to doing the right thing", Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press T. E. Baker, "Effective Police Leadership: Moving Beyond Management", NY: Looseleaf Law Publications, Inc. C. Bargh, J. Bocock, P. Scott, D. Smith, "University Leadership: The Role of The Chief Executive",

Leadership (bibliographie : 2002)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2002 sur le thème du leadership A : Leadership 2002 A. P. Ammeter, C. Douglas, W. L. Gardner, W. A. Hochwarter, G. R. Ferris, 2002, "Toward a political theory of leadership", Leadership Quarterly, Vol 13, pp751-796 R. D. Anderson, J. R. McColl-Kennedy, 2002, "Impact of leadership style and emotions on subordinate performance", The Leadership Quarterly, 13, pp545-559 J. Antonakis, L. Atwater, 2002, "Leader distance: A review and a proposed theory", Leadership Quarterly, 13, pp673-704 J. Antonakis, Robert J. House, 2002, "The full-range leadership theory: The way forward", In: Bruce J. Avolio & F. J. Yammarino, dir., "Transformational and charismatic leadership: The road ahead", Amsterdam, Netherlands: JAI, pp3-33 Donald C. Arthur, Mary W. Chaffee, 2002, "Failure:

Leadership (bibliographie : 2010)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2010 sur le thème du leadership A : Leadership 2010 V. Andreescu, G. F. Vito, 2010, "An exploratory study on Ideal Leadership Behavior: the opinions of American Police managers", International Journal of Police Science & Management, 12 (4), pp567-583 Marie Anzalone, Al Copolillo, Jayne Shepherd, Shelly J. Lane, 2010, "Taking on the Challenge of the Centennial Vision: Transforming the Passion for Occupational Therapy into a Passion for Leadership", Occupational Therapy In Health Care Vol 24, n°1, January, pp7-22 Adam Baker, Stuart Farrand, 2010, "Leadership - The Human Element: Exploring the Dynamics that Transform Communities", Vol 2, n°2, Spring B : Leadership 2010 J. Barling, E. K. Kelloway, 2010, "Leadership development as an intervention in occupational health psychology",

Leadership (bibliographie : 2013)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2013 sur le thème du leadership C. S. Abbatte, S. Ruggieri, 2013, "Leadership style, self-sacrifice, and team identification", Social Behavior and Personality, Vol 41, n°7, pp1171-1178 John Antonakis , Robert J. House, 2013, "The Full-Range Leadership Theory: The Way Forward", In: Bruce J. Avolio , Francis J. Yammarino, dir., "Transformational and Charismatic Leadership: The Road Ahead 10th Anniversary Edition" (Monographs in Leadership and Management, Volume 5) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp3-33 E. Arbak, M. C. Villeval, 2013, "Voluntary leadership: motivation and influence", Social Choice and Welfare, Vol 40, pp635-662 Fredrik Arnander, 2013, "We are all leaders: leadership is not a position – it’s a mindset",  Chichester: Capstone Mary Ben Bonham, 2013, "Leading by example: new

Leadership (bibliographie : 2006)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2006 sur le thème du leadership D. F. Abell, 2006, "‘The Future of Strategy is Leadership’", Journal of Business Research, 59, pp310–314 N. J. Adler, 2006, "The Arts & Leadership: Now That We Can Do Anything, What Will We Do?", Academy of Management Learning & Education, 5(4), pp486-499 J. M. Allen, T. P. Bradley, S. Hamilton, S. K. Filgo, "Leadership perception: Analysis of 360-degree feedback", Performance Improvement Quarterly, 19, pp7-24 J. A. Andersen, "‘Leadership, Personality and Effectiveness’", Journal of Socio-Economics, 35, pp1078–1091 R. D. Arvey, W. Johnson, M. McGue, M. Rotundo, Z. Zhang, “The determinants of leadership role occupancy: Genetic and personality factors”, Leadership Quarterly, 17:1, pp1-20 Alan Axelrod, "Eisenhower on Leadership: Ike’s Enduring Lessons in Total Victory Management",

Leadership (bibliographie : 1997)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 1997 sur le thème du leadership P. Abetti, 1997, "Convergent and divergent technological and market strategies for global leadership", International Journal of Technology Management, 14(6-8), pp635-657 Ram N. Aditya, Robert J. House, 1997, "The Social Scientific Study of Leadership: Quo Vadis?", Journal of Management, 23, pp409–473 M. Alvesson, 1997, "Leadership studies: From procedure and abstraction to reflexivity and situation", The Leadership Quarterly, 7(4), pp455–485 R. Barker, 1997, "How can we train leaders if we don’t know what leadership is?", Human Relations, 50, pp343-362 R. Beckhard, M. Goldsmith, F. Hesselbein, 1997, "The leader of the future: New visions, strategies, and practices for the next era", San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass P. U. Bender, 1997, "Leadership From Within", Toronto, ON: Stoddart P. Blunt, M.

Leadership transformationnel (bibliographie)

Bibliographie du leadership transformationnel

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership transformationnel Les différentes références liées au leadership transformationnel ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution. Bibliographie sur le leadership transformationnel de 1978 à 1989 1978 : Leadership transformationnel John M. Burns, 1978, "Leadership", New York: Harper & Row 1981 : Leadership transformationnel Bertha S. Laury, Marion Wijnberg, 1981, "Transforming traditional supervisors into team leaders", Social Work With Groups, Vol 4, n°1-2, November, pp169-180 1984 : Leadership transformationnel Noel Tichy, D. Ulrich, 1984, “The leadership challenge—A call for the transformational leader”, Sloan Management Review, 26(1), p63 1985 : Leadership transformationnel Bernard M. Bass, 1985, "Leadership and performance beyond expectation", New York: Free Press N. C. Roberts, 1985, "Transforming Leadership: A process of collective action", Human Relations,

Leadership (bibliographie : 2007)

  Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2007 sur le thème du leadership D. Abshire, 2007, "Trustworthy leaders", Leadership Excellence, Vol 24, n°4, p20 C. F. Achua, R. N. Lussier, 2007, "Leadership: Theory, application, & skill development", Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 3ème édition H. Adler, 2007, "Key leader characteristics", Leadership Excellence, Vol 24, n°12, pp5–x D. Ancona, T. W. Malone, W. J. Orlikowski, P. M. Senge, 2007, "The incomplete leader", Harvard Business Review, February, pp92-100 Steven H. Appelbaum, Miguel Valero, 2007, "The Crucial First Three Months: An Analysis of Leadership Transition Traps and Successes”, The Journal of American Academy of Business, Vol 11, n°1, March, pp1-8 Avis Austin, 2007, "The Quest for a General Theory of Leadership", Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol 28, n°8, pp786-788 Steven

Leadership (bibliographie : 2003)

Liste des articles qui sont parus en 2003 sur le thème du leadership A : Leadership 2003 M. Alvesson, S. Sveningsson, 2003, "The great disappearance act: difficulties in doing leadership", Leadership Quarterly, 14, pp359-381 M. Alvesson, S. Sveningsson, 2003, "Managers doing leadership: the extra ordinarization of the mundane", Human Relations, 56(12), pp1435-1459 B. Armandi, J. Oppedisano, H. Sherman, 2003, “Leadership theory and practice: a „case‟ in point”, Management Decision, Vol 41, n°10, pp1076–1088 B : Leadership 2003 K. M. Bartol, J. A. Kromkowski, D. C. Martin, 2003, "Leadership and the glass ceiling: Gender and ethnic group influences on leader behaviors at middle and executive managerial levels", Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 9(8), pp8–18 George Binney, 2003, "Leaders in Transition: the dramas of ordinary heroes", Ashridge S. Gayle Baugh, Claudia C. Cogliser, Terri A.