Leadership spirituel (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership spirituel

Leadership-spirituel-biblioLes différentes références liées au leadership spirituel ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution.

Bibliographie sur le leadership spirituel de 1967 à 1989

1967 : leadership spirituel

* J. Oswald Sanders, 1967, “Spiritual Leadership”, Chicago: Press

1988 : leadership spirituel

* Robert K. Greenleaf, 1988, “Spirituality as leadership”, Indianapolis, Ind.: Robert K. Greenleaf Center

Bibliographie sur le leadership spirituel de 1990 à 1999

1992 : leadership spirituel

* William Miller, 1992, “How Do We Put Our Spiritual Values to Work”, In: John Renesch, dir., “New Traditions in Business: Spirit and Leadership in the 21st Century”, San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler

1994 : leadership spirituel

* Jay A. Conger, 1994, “Spirit at Work: Discovering the Spirituality in Leadership”, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

1995 : leadership spirituel

* Jay A. Conger, 1995, “Moved by the Spirit: Leadership and Spirituality in the Workplace”, Organizational Development Practitioner Journal, Vol 27, n+1, November, pp46-51

1997 : leadership spirituel

* Gilbert Fairholm, 1997, “Capturing the Heart of Leadership: Spiritual Community in the New American Workplace”, Westport, CT: Praeger

1998 : leadership spirituel

* J. Conley, F. Wagner-Marsh, 1998, “The Integration of Business Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace”, In: L. Spears, dir., “Insights on Leadership. Service, Stewardship, Spirit, and Servant-Leadership”, New York, NY: John Wiley

* Gilbert Fairholm, 1998, “Perspectives on Leadership: From the Science of Management to Its Spiritual Heart”, Westport, CT: Quorum Books

1999 : leadership spirituel

* I. I. Mitroff, E. A. Denton, 1999, “A spiritual audit of corporate America: A hard look at spirituality, religion, and values in the workplace”, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Bibliographie sur le leadership spirituel de 2000 à 2009

2000 : leadership spirituel

* R. Cacioppe, 2000, “Creating spirit at work: Re-visioning organization development and Leadership – Part II”, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, 21(1-2), pp110-120

* J. Biberman, 2000, dir., “Work and spirit: A reader of new spiritual paradigms for organizations”, Scranton, PA: University of Scranton Press

* R. S. Moxley, 2000, “Leadership and spirit : Breathing new vitality and energy into individuals and organizations”, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

2001 : leadership spirituel

Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, 2001, “Courage and Resistance: Spiritual formation and mentoring girls for religious leadership”,  International Journal of Children’s Spirituality, Vol 6, n°3, December, pp299-310

2002 : leadership spirituel

* Thierry C. Pauchant, 2002, dir., “Ethics and spirituality at work: Breakthroughs and pitfalls of the search for meaning in organizations”, New York: Quorum Books

2003 : leadership spirituel

Arthur Gross-Schaefer, Michael J. Gan, 2003, “Employment Contracts and Covenantal Agreements: A Negotiation Guide for Spiritual Leadership”,  Journal of Religion & Abuse, Vol 5, n°1, November, pp67-77

* R. A. Giacalone, C. L. Jurkiewicz, 2003, “Handbook of workplace spirituality and organizational performance”, New York: M.E. Sharpe

* L. W. Fry, 2003, “Toward a theory of spiritual leadership”, Leadership Quarterly, 14(6), p693

2004 : leadership spirituel

Felicia Blacher-Wilson, 2004, “Spirituality and School Leaders: The Value of Spirituality in the Lives of Aspiring School Leaders”,  Religion & Education, Vol 31, n°e 1, April, pp80-89

* T. J. Bowman, 2004, “Spirituality at Work: An Exploratory Sociological Investigation of the Ford Motor Company”, London School of Economics and Political Science

Liesa Stamm, 2004, “Leadership for Recovering Spirit”,  Journal of College and Character, Vol 5, n°10, November

* E. J. Wolf, 2004, “Spiritual leadership: A new model”, Healthcare Executive, pp22-25

2005 : leadership spirituel

*  M. Benefiel, 2005, “Soul at work: Spiritual leadership in organizations”, New York: Seabury Books, ISBN 1596270136*

* E. B. Dent, M. E. Higgins, D. M. Wharff, 2005, “Spirituality and leadership: An empirical review of definitions, distinctions, and embedded assumptions”, Leadership Quarterly, 16, pp625−653

* L. W. Fry, 2005, “Toward a paradigm of spiritual leadership”, The Leadership Quarterly, 16(5), pp619-722

* S. Parameshwar, 2005, “Spiritual leadership through ego-transcendence: Exceptional responses to challenging circumstances”, Leadership Quarterly, 16, pp689−722

* L. Reave, 2005, “Spiritual values and practices related to leadership effectiveness”, Leadership Quarterly, 16, pp655−687

2006 : leadership spirituel

* [[2006]],
** Debra Beazley et Gary Gemmill, “Spirituality and Servant Leader Behavior”, Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, Vol 3, n°3, January, pp258-270
** A. L. Jue, “Practicing spirit-centered leadership: Lessons from a corporate layoff”, In: C. Gerus, dir., “Leadership Moments: Turning points that changed lives and organizations”, Victoria, BC: Trafford
** D. W. Miller, “God at work: The history and promise of the faith at work movement”, New York: Oxford University Press

* [[2007]], Cathy Driscoll et Margaret McKee, “Restorying a Culture of Ethical and Spiritual Values: A Role for Leader Storytelling”, Journal of Business Ethics, 73(2), June, pp205-217

* [[2008]],
** M. Benefiel, “Soul at Work: Spiritual Leadership in Organizations”, ebook
** L. W. Fry, J. W. Slocom, “Maximizing the triple bottom line through spiritual leadership”, Organizational Dynamics, 37(1), pp86-96

** A. Rego, Miguel Pina e Cunha, M. Oliveira, 2008, “Eupsychia revisited: The role of spiritual leaders”, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 48 (2), pp165-195

* [[2010]], Mark L. Russell, dir., “Our Souls at Work: How Great Leaders Live Their Faith in the Global Marketplace”, Boise: Russell Media
* [[2010]], Dennis Tourish, Naheed Tourish, “Spirituality at work, and its implications for leadership and followership: A post-structuralist perspective”, Leadership, May, Vol 6, n°2, pp207-224
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