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Leadership entrepreneurial (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership entrepreneurial

Leadership-entrepreneurialLes différentes références liées au leadership entrepreneurial ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution.

 Bibliographie sur le leadership entrepreneurial de 1981 à 1999

1981 : leadership entrepreneurial

* K. Babikan, 1981, « The leader-entrepreneur in the public sector », In: F. I. Khuri, dir., « Leadership and Development in Arab Society », Beirut: American University of Beirut, Center for Arab and Middle East Studies

1987 : leadership entrepreneurial

* G. L. Lippitt, 1987, « Entrepreneurial leadership: a performing art”, Journal of Creative Behaviour, 21(3), pp264-270

1992 : leadership entrepreneurial

* J. Eggers, K. Leahy, 1992, « Entrepreneurial Leadership Questionnaire », San Diego, CA: Center for Creative Leadership

* Frederik G. Kilgour, 1992, Entrepreneurial leadership School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Vol 40, n°3, pp457-474

1994 : leadership entrepreneurial

*  Richard T. Harrison & Claire M. Leitch, 1994, « Entrepreneurship and leadership: the implications for education and development”, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 6(2), January, pp111-125

1996 : leadership entrepreneurial

* D. F. Kuratko, J. S. Hornsby, 1996, « Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership in Contemporary Organizations », Journal of Management Systems, spring, pp17-27

*  D. L. Sexton, R. W. Smilor, 1996, « Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Personal and Organizational Development in Entrepreneurial Ventures », Greenwood Publishing Group

1998 : leadership entrepreneurial

* J. S. Hornsby, D. F. Kuratko, 1998, « Corporate entrepreneurial leadership for the 21st century », Journal of Leadership Studies, 5 (2), pp27–39

* N. Nicholson, 1998, « Personality and Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Study of the Heads of the UK’s Most Successful Independent Companies », European Management Journal, 16(5), pp529–539

1999 : leadership entrepreneurial

* C. W. Hofer, W. C. Schulz, Howard Thomas, 1999, « Creating Value Through Skill-Based Strategy and Entrepreneurial Leadership », Pergamon Press

* G. N. Prabhu, 1999, « Social entrepreneurial leadership », Career Development International, Vol 4, pp140−146

* Bet Roffey, 1999, « Filipina managers and entrepreneurs: what leadership models apply? », Asian Studies Review, Vol 23, n°3, September, pp375-405

* J. C. Santora, W. Seaton, J. C. Sarros, 1999, « Changing Times: Entrepreneurial Leadership In A Community-Based Nonprofit Organization », Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol 6, n°3-4

* W. Schulz, 1999, « Creating Value through Skill-Based Strategy and Entrepreneurial Leadership », New York, NY: Pergamon

Bibliographie sur le leadership entrepreneurial de 2000 à 2009

2000 : leadership entrepreneurial

* J. C.  Carland, J. W. Carland , M. D. Ensley, 2000, « Investigating the existence of the lead entrepreneur », Journal of Small Business Management, 38(4), pp59–77

2002 : leadership entrepreneurial

* J. G. Covin, D. P. Slevin, dir., 2002, « The Entrepreneurial Imperatives of Strategic Leadership », Oxford: Blackwell

* S. Lydon, P. Swiercz, 2002, « Entrepreneurial leadership in high-tech firms: a field study”, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 23(7), pp380-389

2003 : leadership entrepreneurial

* R. P. Vecchio, 2003, « Entrepreneurship and leadership: common trends and common threads », Human Resource Management Review, 13(2), pp329-346

2004 : leadership entrepreneurial

* K. Brigham, C. Cogliser, 2004, « The intersection of leadership and entrepreneurship: Mutual lessons to be learned », The Leadership Quarterly, 15(6), pp771-799

* Ori Eyal & Ronit Kark, 2004, « How do Transformational Leaders Transform Organizations? A Study of the Relationship between Leadership and Entrepreneurship », Leadership and Policy in Schools, Vol 3, n°3, September, pp211-235

* V. Gupta, I. C. MacMillan, G. Surie, 2004, « Entrepreneurial leadership: Developing and measuring a cross-cultural construct », Journal of Business Venturing, 19(2), pp241–260

2005 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Vivian Besem Ojong & Vaneetha Moodley, 2005, « Leadership and issues affecting the productivity of women entrepreneurs in KwaZulu-Natal », Agenda, Vol 19, n°65, January, pp76-82

* L. Fernald, M. Sashkin, G. Solomon, A. Tarabishy, 2005, « The Entrepreneurial Leader’s Impact on the Organization’s Performance in Dynamic Markets », Journal of Private Equity, 8(4), pp20-29

* L. Fernald, G. Solomon, A. Tarabishy, 2005, « A New paradigm: Entrepreneurial Leadership”, Southern Business Review, Spring, pp1-26

* T. Van Assche, 2005, “The Impact of Entrepreneurial Leadership on EU High Politics: A Case Study of Jacque Delors and the Creation of EMU”, Leadership, 1:3, pp279-298

2006 : leadership entrepreneurial

* M. D. Ensley, C. L. Pearce, K. M. Hmieleski, 2006, « The moderating effect of environmental dynamism on the relationship between entrepreneur leadership behavior and new venture performance », Journal of Business Venturing, 21(2), pp243-263

* G. E. Okudan, S. E. Rzasa, 2006, « A project-based approach to entrepreneurial leadership education », Technovation, 26(2), pp195-210

* N. Thornberry, 2006, « Lead like an entrepreneur », New York: McGrow-Hill

2007 : leadership entrepreneurial

* John C. Allen, Peter F. Korsching, Steven G. Sapp, Rebecca Vogt,  2007, « Community Leaders, Business Ownership, and Support of Entrepreneurship Development: The Role of Macroentrepreneurs », Community Development, Vol 38, n°4, December, pp28-45

* J. Antonakis, E. Autio, 2007, « Entrepreneurship and Leadership », In: J. R. Baum, M. Frese, R. Baron, dir., « The Psychology of Entrepreneurship », London: Routledge

* A. Ashley, G. Surie, 2007, « Integrating Pragmatism and Ethics in Entrepreneurial Leadership for Sustainable Value Creation”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol 81, pp235-246

* Steven A. Beebe, John R. Darling, 2007, « Enhancing Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Focus on Key Communication Priorities », Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol 20, n°2, March, pp151-167

* M. Chen, 2007, « Entrepreneurial Leadership and New Ventures: Creativity in Entrepreneurial Teams », Creativity and Innovation Management, 16(3), pp239-249

* John R. Darling, Michael J. Keeffe, John K. Ross, 2007, « Entrepreneurial Leadership Strategies and Values: Keys to Operational Excellence », Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol 20, n°1, January, pp41-54

* Donald F. Kuratko, 2007, « Entrepreneurial Leadership in the 21st Century: Guest Editor’s Perspective », Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol 13, p1

* B. Mathur-Helm, H. J. C. Van Zyl, 2007, « Exploring a conceptual model, based on the combined effects of entrepreneurial leadership, market orientation and relationship marketing orientation on South Africa’s small tourism business performance », South African Journal of Business Management, 38(2), pp17-24

* Catherine W. Ng, Evelyn G. H. Ng, 2007, « Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Case Studies of Female Micro-business Owners in Hong Kong », Asian Journal of Women’s Studies, Vol 13, n°1, January, pp52-73

* Francine K. SchlosserZelimir William Todorovic, 2007, « An Entrepreneur and a Leader!: A Framework Conceptualizing the Influence of Leadership Style on a Firm’s Entrepreneurial Orientation—Performance Relationship », Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Vol 20, n°3, June, pp289-307

2008 : leadership entrepreneurial

  • Allan Ashley, Gita Surie, 2008, « Integrating Pragmatism and Ethics in Entrepreneurial Leadership for Sustainable Value Creation », Journal of Business Ethics, Vol 81, n°1, Aug., pp235-246

2009 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Eugene K. Choi, 2009, « Entrepreneurial leadership in the Meiji cotton spinners’ early conceptualisation of global competition », Business History, Vol 51, n°6, November, pp927-958

* M. Yusof, K. K. Jain, 2009, “Entrepreneurial leadership and academic entrepreneurship in Malaysian public research universities”, Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3(3): p 63-84

* R. R. B. R. A. Rahman, M. T. H. Dora, A. B. B. M. Yosof, A. B. B. M. Diah, T. B. Yusof, 2009, « Effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles in Improving SMIs Manufaturing Bumiputera Technopreneurs Performance in Melaka », Journal of Human Capital Development, 2(1), pp89-104

Bibliographie sur le leadership entrepreneurial de 2010 à 2019

2010 : leadership entrepreneurial

* A. Bagheri, Z. Pihie, 2010, « Entrepreneurial Leadership Learning: In Search fo Missing Links”, Procedia, 7(c), pp470-479

* J. Cope, S. Kempster, 2010, « Learning to lead in the entrepreneurial context”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 16(1), pp5-34

* Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz, Zehava Rosenblatt, Ayalla Ruvio, 2010, « Entrepreneurial leadership vision in nonprofit vs. for-profit organizations”, The Leadership Quarterly, Vol 21, pp144–158

* A. H. Nasution, 2010, « Corellation Between Achievement Motivation and Entrepreneurial Leadership Quality: Meta Analysis », The Journal for Technology and Sciences, 21(4)

2011 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Zaidatol Akmaliah Lope Pihie,  Afsaneh Bagheri,  2011, « Entrepreneurial leadership: towards a model for learning and development », Human Resource Development International, Vol 14, n°4, September, pp447-463

* Muhammad Azam Roomi, Pegram Harrison,  2011,  « Entrepreneurial Leadership: What Is It and How Should It Be Taught?« , International Review of Entrepreneurship, 9(3), pp1-44

* Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, H. James Wilson,  2011, « The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity », Berrett-Koehler Publishers

* Petros Pashiardis,  Vassos Savvides, 2011, « The Interplay Between Instructional and Entrepreneurial Leadership Styles in Cyprus Rural Primary Schools », Leadership and Policy in Schools, Vol 10, n°4, October, pp412-427

2012 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Pervaiz K. Ahmed, Catherine L. Wang, Ding Ding Tee,  2012, « Entrepreneurial leadership and context in Chinese firms: a tale of two Chinese private enterprises », Asia Pacific Business Review, Vol 18, n°4, October, pp505-530

* S. A. M. Hejazi, M. M. Maleki, M. J. Naeiji,  2012, « Designing a Scale for Measuring Entrepreneurial Leadership in SMEs« , International Conference on Economics Marketing and Management, IPEDR, Vol 28, pp71-77

* J. Kansikas, A. Laakkonen, V. Sarpo, T. Kontinen, 2012, « Entrepreneurial leadership and familiness as resources for strategic entrepreneurship », International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 18(2), pp141-158

* D. Jeffrey Lenn, commentaire du livre de Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, H. James Wilson, 2012, « The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social and Economic Opportunity », Organization Management Journal, Vol 9, n°4, December, pp281-282

* Marguerite Schneider, « Developing Entrepreneurial Leaders »,  2012, Organization Management Journal, Vol 9, n°4, December, p280

2013 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Afsaneh Bagheri, Zaidatol Akmaliah Lope Pihie, Steven Eric Krauss, 2013, « Entrepreneurial leadership competencies among Malaysian university student entrepreneurial leaders », Asia Pacific Journal of Education, Vol 33, n°4, December, pp493-508

* Afsaneh Bagheri,  Zaidatol Akmaliah Lope Pihie, 2013, « Role of University Entrepreneurship Programs in Developing Students’ Entrepreneurial Leadership Competencies: Perspectives From Malaysian Undergraduate Students », Journal of Education for Business, Vol 88, n°1, January, pp51-61

* K. C. Agbim, B. Z. Owtuamor, 2013, « An exploratory study of the entrepreneurial leadership capabilities of entrepreneurs in anambra state », Nigeria. Journal of Business Management & Social Sciences Research, 2(9).

* Vlado Dimovski, Sandra Penger, Judita Peterlin, Miha Uhan, 2013, « Entrepreneurial leadership in the daoist framework », Journal of entreprising culture, Vol 21, n°4, December, pp383–419

* James A. Lang, 2013, commentaire du livre de Danna Greenberg, Kate McKone-Sweet, H. James Wilson, « The New Entrepreneurial Leader: Developing Leaders Who Shape Social & Economic Opportunity », Journal of Education for Business, Vol 88, n°3, January, pp184-185

* Edwin Zehner, 2013, « The church, the monastery and the politician: Perils of entrepreneurial leadership in post-1970s Thailand », Culture and Religion, Vol 14, n°2, June, pp185-203

2015 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Claudia Alvarez, Stefan van Hemmen, Marta Peris-Ortiz, David Urbano,  2015, « Leadership Styles and Innovative Entrepreneurship: An International Study », Cybernetics and Systems, Vol 46, n°3-4, May, pp271-286

Oksana Koryak, Kevin F Mole, Andy Lockett, James C Hayton, Deniz Ucbasaran, Gerard P Hodgkinson, 2015, « Entrepreneurial leadership, capabilities and firm growth », International Small Business Journal, vol 33, n°1, pp89-105

* Adela McMurray, Michael Muchiri, 2015, « Entrepreneurial orientation within small firms: a critical review of why leadership and contextual factors matter », Small Enterprise Research, Vol 22, n°1, January, pp17-31

* Parameswar Nayak, Tresphory Othumary Mgeni, 2015, « Impacts of Entrepreneurial Leadership Style on Business Performance of Female owned SMEs in Dar es salaam, Tanzania », Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management,  Vol , n2, June, pp39-50

2016 : leadership entrepreneurial

* Christian Harrison, Stuart Paul, Kevin Burnard, 2016, « Entrepreneurial leadership in retail pharmacy: developing economy perspective« , Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 28, n°3, pp150-167

* Christian Harrison, Stuart Paul, Kevin Burnard,  2016, « Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Systematic Literature Review » International Review of Entrepreneurship, vol 14, n° 2, pp235-264

2017 : leadership entrepreneurial

2019 : leadership entrepreneurial

  • Almaz Sandybayev, 2019, « Impact of Effective Entreprenerial Leadership Style on Organizational Performance: Critical Review« , International Journal of Economics and Management, Vol. 1, n°1, pp47-55


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