Leadership de marché (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership de marché

Leadership-marchéLes différentes références liées au leadership de marché ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution.

Bibliographie sur le leadership de marché de 1988 à 1999

1988 : leadership de marché

* Nigel C. G. Campbell, 1988, [http://booksc.org/dl/27422883/0f98b4 “Market-Share Patterns and Market Leadership in Japan”], International Studies of Management & Organization, Vol 18, n°1, Spring, pp50-66

1989 : leadership de marché

* Andrall E. Pearson, 1989, [http://booksc.org/dl/19785236/2c8821 “Institutionalizing innovation: Key activities for market leadership”], European Management Journal, Vol 7, n°4, December, pp403-412

1992 : leadership de marché

* Risto Laulajainen, 1992, [http://booksc.org/dl/20602455/29e1f8 “The Quest for Global Market Leadership: Example of Two Welding Companies”], Professional Gcographcr, Vol 44, n°4, pp392-406

1996 : leadership de marché

* P. A. Geroski, S. Toker, 1996, “The Turnover of Market Leaders in UK Manufacturing Industry, 1979–1986”, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol 14, pp141–158

Bibliographie sur le leadership de marché de 2000 à 2009

2000 : leadership de marché

* Donald Barclay, Terry Deutscher, Roger More, Adrian Ryans, 2000, “Winning Market Leadership: Strategic Market Planning for Technology-Driven Businesses”, oronto: John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.

2001 : leadership de marché

* Noriyuki Doi, 2001, [http://booksc.org/dl/10933939/9372cf “Market Leadership Volatility in Japanese Industries”], Review of Industrial Organization, Vol 18, pp427–444
* Milton D. Rosenau, 2001, [http://booksc.org/dl/17839183/ee5a4e commentaire du livre de] Donald Barclay, Terry Deutscher, Roger More, Adrian Ryans, “Winning Market Leadership: Strategic Market Planning for Technology-Driven Businesses”, The Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol 18, pp418-419

2002 : leadership de marché

* Christie-David Rohan, Mukesh Chaudhry, Walayet Khan,  2002,[http://booksc.org/dl/8900248/57a153 “News Releases, Market Intergration, and Market Leadership”], The Journal of Financial Research, Vol XXV, n°2, Summer, pp223–245

2003 : leadership de marché

* Frank H. Alpert, Michael A. Kamins, Lars Perner,  2003,[http://booksc.org/dl/35714907/129e8e “Consumers’ Perception and Misperception of Market Leadership and Market Pioneership”], Journal of Marketing Management, Vol 19, n°7-8, pp807-834

2004 : leadership de marché

* Mark B. Shackleton, Andrianos E. Tsekrekos, Rafał Wojakowski,  2004,[http://booksc.org/dl/17800215/8f69be “Strategic entry and market leadership in a two-player real options game”], Journal of Banking & Finance, Vol 28, pp179–201

2007 : leadership de marché

* F. H. Alpert, M. A. Kamins, L. Perner, 2007, “How do consumers know which brand is the market leader or market pioneer? Consumers’ Inferential processes, confidence and accuracy”, Journal of Marketing Management, 23(7–8), pp590–611
* Roger Marshall, Woonbong Na, Youngseok Son, 2007,[http://booksc.org/dl/30447226/852e00 “Why buy second-best? The behavioral dynamics of market leadership”], Journal of Product & Brand Management, Vol 16, n°1, pp16-22
* J. Sutton, 2007, “Market share dynamics and the “persistence of leadership” debate, American Economic Review, Vol 97, pp222–241

2009 : leadership de marché

* Yuji Honjo, Masatoshi Kato, 2009, [http://booksc.org/dl/18577106/fb3c81 “The persistence of market leadership: evidence from Japan”], Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol 18, n°6, pp1107–1133
* Wayne D. Hoyer, Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer, 2009,[http://booksc.org/dl/760734/d2e6e1 “Consumer advisors revisited: What drives those with market mavenism and opinion leadership tendencies and why?”], Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Vol 8, n°2-3, March – June, pp100–115
* Yanhong H. Jin, Ying Li, 2009, [http://booksc.org/dl/3082033/10beeb “Racing to market leadership: Product launch and upgrade decisions”], International Journal of Production Economics, Vol 119, n°2, June, pp284–297

Bibliographie sur le leadership de marché de 2010 à 2019

2015 : leadership de marché

* Scott M. Gilpatric, Youping Li, 2015, [http://booksc.org/dl/36587959/b21b70 “Information Value Under Demand Uncertainty And Endogenous Market Leadership”], Economic Inquiry, Vol 53, n°1, January, pp589–603
* Lester W. Johnson, Lesley White, Dean C. H. Wilkie, 2015,[http://booksc.org/dl/43913018/6cf120 “Overcoming late entry: the importance of entry position, inferences and market leadership”], Journal of Marketing Management, Vol 31, n°3-4, pp409-429