Leadership collaboratif (bibliographie)

Liste des références bibliographiques liées au leadership collaboratif

Leadership-collaboratif-bibliographieLes différentes références liées au leadership collaboratif ont été classées par décennies en fonction de leur date de parution.

Bibliographie sur le leadership collaboratif de 1977 à 1999

  • 1977 : leadership collaboratif

* F. E. Finch, 1977, “Collaborative leadership in work settings”, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 13(3), pp292-302

  • 1990 : leadership collaboratif

* Dan Watson, Punky Fristrom, 1990, “Empowerment and the Collaborative Leader”, The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, vol 63, n°8, avril, pp361-362

  • 1993 : leadership collaboratif

* Don Fuchs, Debra Kostyk, Ellen Tabisz, William R. Jacyk, 1993, “Combining Professional and Self-Help Group Intervention: Collaboration in Co-Leadership”, Social Work With Groups, Vol 16, n°3, October, pp111-123

  • 1994 : leadership collaboratif

* David Chrislip, C. Larson, 1994, “Collaborative Leadership”, San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

  • 1997 : leadership collaboratif

* Donald C. Clark, Sally N. Clark, 1997, “Addressing dilemmas inherent in educational leadership preparation programs through collaborative restructuring”, Peabody Journal of Education, Vol 72, n°2, March, pp21-41

  • 1998 : leadership collaboratif

* Mimi Wolverton, 1998, “Champions, Agents and Collaborators: leadership keys to successful systemic change”, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, vol 20, n°1, mai, pp19-30

  • 1999 : leadership collaboratif

* Lawrence J. Leonard, Pauline E. Leonard, 1999, “Reculturing for Collaboration and Leadership”, The Journal of Educational Research, Vol 92, n°4, March, pp237-242

Bibliographie sur le leadership collaboratif de 2000 à 2009

  • 2000 : leadership collaboratif

C. Huxham, S. Vangen, 2000, “Leadership in the shaping and implementation of collaboration agendas: how things happen in a (not quite) joined-up world”, Academy of Management Journal, 43, pp1159–1175
* Frances K. Kochan, Carol A. Mullen, “Creating a collaborative leadership network: an organic view of change”, International Journal of Leadership in Education, Vol 3, n°3, July, pp183-200

  • 2002 : leadership collaboratif

* David Chrislip, 2002, “The Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook – A guide for citizens and civic leaders”, Josey Bass, ISBN 0787957194

  • 2003 : leadership collaboratif

* Nick Bailey, 2003, “Local strategic partnerships in England: the continuing search for collaborative advantage, leadership and strategy in urban governance”, Planning Theory & Practice, vol 4, n°4, December, pp443-457
* Kathryn M. Crowe, 2003, “Collaborative LeadershipA Model for Reference Services”, The Reference Librarian, Vol 39, n°81, January, pp59-69
* C. Huxham et S. Vangen, 2003, “Enacting leadership for collaborative advantage: Dilemmas of ideology and pragmatism in the activities of partnership managers”, British Journal of Management, vol 14, pp61-76

  • 2004 : leadership collaboratif

* Vivienne Collinson & Tanya Fedoruk Cook, 2004, “Collaborating to Learn Computer Technology: A Challenge for Teachers and Leaders”, Leadership and Policy in Schools, Vol 3, n°2, June, pp111-133
* Kenneth L. Ender & Kimberly J. Warker, 2004, “Leadership development by community collaboration”, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, Vol 28, n°1, January, pp37-38
* Rhonda Vickery, 2004, “Leadership Dimensions, the Critical Link for the Evolution of Collaboration. A Case Study”, The Social Policy Journal, vol 3, n°2, July, pp39-55

  • 2005 : leadership collaboratif

* Barbara C Crosby, 2005, “A leadership framework for cross-sector collaboration”,  Public Management Review, Vol 7, n° 2, June, pp177-201
S. A. Haslam, N. Hopkins, S. Reicher, 2005, “Social Identity and the dynamics of leadership: Leaders and followers as collaborative agents in the transformation of social reality”, Leadership Quarterly, 16:4, pp547-568
* Lorraine Slater, 2005, “Leadership for collaboration: An affective process”, International Journal of Leadership in Education, Vol 8, n°4, January, pp321-333

  • 2006 : leadership collaboratif

* Don Tapscott, Anthony D. Williams, 2006, “Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything”, Atlantic Books. ISBN 1591841933

  • 2007 : leadership collaboratif

* M. Ainscow, M. West Chris Kyriacou, 2007, “Improving Urban Practice: Leadership and Collaboration”, British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol 55, n°1, March, pp95-96

* David R. Connelly, 2007, “Leadership in the Collaborative Interorganizational Domain”, International Journal of Public Administration, Vol 30, n°11, August, pp1231-1262

  • 2008 : leadership collaboratif

* David Archer,  Alex Cameron, 2008, “Collaborative leadership – how to succeed in and interconnected world”, Butterworth Heinemann. ISBN 978-0-75-068705-8
* Ane Carriveau, Valerie Viers, Carl Ziebell, 2008, “Collaborative Leadership at Ripon College”, College & Undergraduate Libraries, Vol 15, n°3, August, pp301-313

  • 2009 : leadership collaboratif

Jeffrey Jones, 2009, “The development of leadership capacity through collaboration in small schools”, School Leadership & Management, Vol 29, n°2, April, p129-156
* Hank Rubin, 2009, “Collaborative Leadership: Developing Effective Partnerships for Communities and Schools”, Corwin Press.
* Mark Brundrett, Chrysanthi Gkolia, Jackie Switzer, 2009, “An Education Action Zone at work: primary teacher perceptions of the efficacy of a creative learning and collaborative leadership project”, Education 3-13, Vol 37, n°2, May, pp131-144

Bibliographie sur le leadership collaboratif de 2010 à 2019

  • 2010 : leadership collaboratif

* Philip Hallinger, Ronald H. Heck, 2010, “Collaborative leadership and school improvement: understanding the impact on school capacity and student learning”, School Leadership & Management, Vol 30, n°2, April, pp95-110
* Branda Nowell,  Lisa Macon Harrison, 2010, “Leading Change Through Collaborative Partnerships: A Profile of Leadership and Capacity Among Local Public Health Leaders”, Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community, Vol 39, n°1, December, pp19-34

  • 2015 : leadership collaboratif

* Nicole M. Ardoin, Rachelle K. Gould, Elin Kelsey, Priya Fielding-Singh, 2015, “Collaborative and Transformational Leadership in the Environmental Realm”, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, Vol 17, n°3, May, pp360-380