Leadership (bibliographie : 1987)

Liste des articles qui sont parus sur le thème du leadership en 1987


A : Leadership en 1987

Gilles Amado, 1987, “Imaginaire et leadership : Michel Hidalgo ou la vérité de l’être”, Jouy-en-Josas : Centre HEC-ISA 

B : Leadership en 1987

* W. C. Borman, 1987, “Personal constructs, performance schemata, and “folk theories” of subordinate effectiveness: Explorations in an Army officer sample”, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 40, pp369-389

* Alan Bryman, 1987, “The generalizability of leadership theory”, Journal of Social Psychology, 127, pp129-141

C : Leadership en 1987

* J. K. Clemens, D. F. Mayer, 1987, “The classic touch: Lessons in leadership from Homer to Hemingway”, Chicago: Contemporary Books

* S. F. Cronshaw, R. G. Lord, 1987, “Effects of categorization, attribution, and encoding processes on leadership perceptions”, Journal of Applied Psychology, 72, pp97-106

G : Leadership en 1987

* J. W. Gardner, 1987, “Leaders and followers”, Liberal Education, 73(2), pp6-8

H : Leadership en 1987

* M. Heilman, H. Hornstein, E. Mone, R. Tartell, 1987, “Responding to contingent leadership behavior”, Organizational Dynumics, Spring, pp56-65

M : Leadership en 1987

* J. Mahoney, 1987, “Leadership Effectiveness Analysis: A Facilitator’s Guide”, Portland, ME: Management Research Group

* C. Miller, 1987, “Leadership”, Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress

S : Leadership en 1987

* M. Sashkin, 1987, “A new vision of leadership”, The Journal of Management Development, 6(4), pp19-28

W : Leadership en 1987

* D. G. Winter, 1987, “Leader appeal, leader performance, and the motives profile of leaders and followers: A study of American presidents and elections”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 52, pp196-202



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