Leadership : bibliographie en 2009

Liste des articles qui sont parus sur le thème du leadership en 2009


A : Leadership en 2009

* T. D. Allen, N. E. Nelson, J. Rank, X. Xu, 2009,  « Leadership predictors of innovation and task performance: Subordinates’ self ‐ esteem and self presentation as moderators », Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 82(3), pp465-489

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B : Leadership en 2009

* J. R. Barker, D. L. Collinson, D. Tourish, 2009, « Manufacturing conformity: leadership through coercive persuasion in business organizations », M@n@gement, vol 12(5), pp360-383

* M. J. Benson, R. Hogan, 2009, « Personality, leadership, and globalization: linking personality to global organizational effectiveness”, Advances in Global Leadership, Vol 5, pp11-34

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* Kimberly B. Boal, Bernard McKenna, David Rooney, 2009, « Wisdom principles as a meta-theoretical basis for evaluating leadership« , The Leadership Quarterly, 20, pp177-190

* Alan Bryman, S. Lilley, 2009, « Leadership researchers on leadership in higher education », Leadership, 5(3), pp331-346

C : Leadership en 2009

* Timothy C. Caboni, Eve Proper, 2009, « Re-envisioning the Professional Doctorate for Educational Leadership and Higher Education Leadership: Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College Ed.D. Program », Peabody Journal of Education, Vol 84, n°1, February, pp61-68

* J. Callanan, S. A. Moss, N. Dowling, 2009, « Towards an integrated model of leadership and self regulation », Leadership Quarterly, Vol 20, pp162-176

* W. Keith Campbell, Stacy M. Campbell, 2009, « On the Self-regulatory Dynamics Created by the Peculiar Benefits and Costs of Narcissism: A Contextual Reinforcement Model and Examination of Leadership », Self and Identity, Vol 8, n°2-3, April, pp214-232

* J. G. Clawson, 2009, « Level three leadership: Getting below the surface », Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 4ème édition

* Cedric Cohen Skalli, 2009, « Abravanel’s Commentary on the Former Prophets: Portraits, Self-Portraits, and Models of Leadership », Jewish History, Vol 23, n°3, (Isaac Abravanel in His Time), pp255-280

* D. L. Collinson, M. Collinson, 2009, « Blended leadership: employee perspectives on effective leadership in the UK further education sector », Leadership, vol 5(3)

* Lin Crase, Brian Dollery, Joe Wallis, 2009, « Political Economy and Organizational Leadership: A Hope-based Theory », Review of Political Economy, Vol 21, n°1, January, pp123-143

* A. L. Cunliffe, 2009, « The philosopher leader: On relationalism, ethics and reflexivity – A critical perspective to teaching leadership », Management Learning, Vol 40, pp87-101

D : Leadership en 2009

* J. R. G. Dyer, A. Johansson, D. Helbing, I. D. Couzin, J. Krause, « Leadership, consensus decision making and collective behaviour in humans », Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 364, pp781–789

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* Kathryn Dolan, [http://www.cnu.edu/leadreview/pdf/v2%20i1%20Dolan.pdf « The Decision to Lead: A Case on the Development of a Leader »], Undergraduate Leadership Review, Vol 2, n°1, winter

* C. Ernst, J. Yip, « Boundary spanning leadership: Tactics to bridge social identity groups in organizations », In: T. L. Pittinsky, dir., « Crossing the divide: Intergroup leadership in a world of difference », Boston: Harvard Business School Press, pp89-99

* Matthew R. Fairholm, [http://www.innovation.cc/scholarly-style/fairholm3.pdf « Leadership and Organizational Strategy »], The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, Vol 14, n°1

* Marlene G. Fine, [http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb3591/is_2_32/ai_n42252528/ « Women leaders’ discursive constructions of leadership »], Women’s Studies in Communication, Summer

* Heather Forest, « Artful Leadership for Creating Positive Social Change: Reflections on an Arts-Based Autoethnography », Storytelling, Self, Society, Vol 5, n°2, May, pp72-89

* L. Fry, M. Kriger, « Towards a theory of being-centered leadership: Multiple levels of being as context for effective leadership », Human Relations, Vol 62, pp1667-1696

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* Michael Maccoby, [http://www.maccoby.com/Articles/IntegratingCultures.shtml « Integrating Cultures: R&D Leaders’ Newest Task »], Research Technology Management, Vol 52, n°4, July-August, pp57-60

* Michael Maccoby, [http://www.maccoby.com/Articles/NeededManagers.shtml « Needed: Managers Who Are Leaders »], Research Technology Management, Vol 52, n°2, March-April, pp58-60

* Luc Machard, Wim Rogmans, Florence Weill, « Call for cross governmental leadership to strategic cooperation among multiple stakeholders in preventing injuries in Europe: Conclusions of the 2nd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, 9–10 October 2008 », International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion, Vol 16, n°2, June, pp97-101

* Matthew M. Mars, « Student Entrepreneurs as Agents of Organizational Change and Social Transformation: a Grassroots Leadership Perspective », Journal of Change Management, Vol 9, n°3, September, pp339-357

* Edward A. McCord, « Local Bullies and Armed Force Entrepreneurs: Militia Leadership in Republican Hunan », Twentieth-Century China, Vol 34, n°2, April, pp5-29

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* Roger Nierenberg, « Maestro: A Surprising Story About Leading by Listening », Portfolio, ISBN 1591842883

* Michael D. Mumford, « Leadership 101 », Springer Publishing Company, ISBN 0826111343, ISBN 9780826111340

* Silke Scheer, The Entrepreneur As Business Leader: Cognitive Leadership In The Firm, Edward Elgar Publishing

* S. Scott, « Fierce leadership », London: Piatkus

* Gary Yukl, « Leadership in Organizations », Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall


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