Heroic Leadership


What is your call to Leadership?
What is the greater potential that lies within you?

Lisa Stefan introduces us to the Hero’s Journey and shares some questions for leaders to consider as they embark on their own leadership journey.

Joseph Campbell was a renowned scholar of mythology and throughout his life, Campbell studied the mythology, legends, and stories from civilizations and cultures around the world. Within them, Campbell discovered a singular theme – the Hero’s Journey. The Hero’s Journey is all around us – it shows up in the stories we tell, the books we read, and the movies we watch.

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Heroic leadership


Heroic leadership. This is a traditional view of leadership according to heroism. This also taps into the view of gender roles and stereotypes, greek gods. It is limiting to a leader to think in these terms in terms of expectations is not what we need. Steve suggests what we need right now is compassionate leadership.

With facilitator Steve Hearsum: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevehearsum

Filmed by Mark Walsh of Integration Training. Part of the In-Sight project – making the world’s wisdom visible to everyone free of charge, via Youtube:

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